Account/Login FAQs

I've lost my password, what do I do?
Click on "Forgot your password? Click here", enter your email and the system will automatically send your login credentials to you. If you're having difficulty clicking the above link, simply visit: and follow the same instructions.
I have a Tisque account, however I'm having problems logging in. What do I do?
First, make sure that you're attempting to login with the original username and password you created during registration; second, try resending your login credentials by visiting; and third, if you're still experiencing issues, we recommend that you simply attempt to log in using a different web browser, such as Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox.

If you don't receive your password reset email, then it's likely that you are using an incorrect email address or there's an issue with your account registration. If this is the case, please contact us at and provide as much detail about your registration as possible so that we can remedy the situation.

Game FAQs

What is Fantasy Tennis? Fantasy Tennis is an online tennis game where you draft your favorite tennis players, play against other tennis fans, and win points! The more points you win, the higher your score and overall team rankings climb.
How do you play Fantasy Tennis?
Please visit the "How to Play" section for specific details on how to play the Fantasy Tennis game.
How old do you have to be in order to play?
You must be at least 18 years of age or older in order to play the Fantasy Tennis game. Users under the age of 18 should only access the Tisque website and services under the supervision and permission of a parent or guardian.
How do you select draft picks?
Start your engines... it's DRAFT TIME. Once a new tournament draft opens up, you will receive an email notification with a link to the draft selection page where you can select tennis players to draft. It's pretty straightforward here.

Alternatively, you can also visit the Draft section via the website directly by navigating to the "Tournaments" header tab, then selecting the DRAFT NOW button.

Tournaments typically start on Monday so the drafts usually occur on Saturday or Sunday.
When is the deadline / cut off for selecting draft picks?
Tournaments typically start on Monday so the drafts usually occur on Saturday or Sunday.

For most tournaments, you are given 24 hours to make your draft pick selections. However, sometimes you are given a little more time.
How is the budget for a tournament determined?
The budget for each tournament varies based on the number of players in the tournament and the players involved. You will know at the beginning of each draft what your tournament budget is and all tournament participants receive the same budget for a given tournament.
How many times can I enter a tournament?
You may only register once and enter each of the tournament games one time for each league you belong to. Anyone found to be registered in more than one tournament game, or controlling more than one team in any one game at any stage of the competition, will face disqualification from the tournament and potentially face an account ban for violation of the Terms of Use.
Can I invite my others to play with me and join my league?
Yes! Simply give them your league name and information so that they can register in the same league as you.
How are points awarded?
Points are awarded based on the real life performance of your drafted tennis player in a given tournament. The point system breakdown is based on more than just a player winning matches. Please visit the "How to Play" section for a specific breakdown of points and how they are awarded in tournaments.
When are tournament results / rankings posted?
Tournament results / rankings are available throughout the tournament and are updated as scores and stats are available. Final results / rankings are posted at the end of a given tournament after the real life results are tallied. Details of the tournament rankings and who's at the top of the tournament leaderboard can be found on a given tournament's page.
Are prizes given to tournament winners?
At this time, there are no prizes given to tournament winners, minus the satisfaction of winning!
How are league rankings determined?
League rankings are based on tournament point winnings. Whoever has the most points over the past year is ranked #1. Only your best 16 tournaments over the past year are tallied, and the sum total of those points in your best 16 tournaments determines what your total league point score is. The more you play, the better chances you have to rank at the top of your league!